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In accordance with your obligations under the "Loi Informatique et Libert├ęs 78-17" and EU Data Protection Directive, please provide me with: 1. information on whether you process some of my personal data; 2. information about the purpose of the treatment, the categories of personal data processed, and the recipients or categories of recipients of processed personal data; 3. information about transfers to countries outside the European Union; 4. a copy of my personal data; 5. information about the origins and sources of personal data you might hold; 6. information about the logic of the processing of my personal data in case of automated decisions with significant impact on me; 7. in case your company deems the automated decisions not to have a significant impact on me, information on how that determination was made. Should any part of my request delay the others beyond the legal allotted period, I ask that you submit a partial reply by the deadline and then expand further on your original reply as information is available to you. For the purpose of assisting you in finding relevant records for this request, you will find the relevant identifiers below my signature.

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