PersonalData.IO is a platform helping individuals understand what personal data is known about them, how this information is being used, and how they can act on this information.

The digital revolution is characterized by a merger between physical and online spaces. One foundation of such revolution is the internet of everything, and everyone: everything we do, any event in the physical world is to be recorded somewhere as information, later to be traded and processed in unexpected ways by a variety of actors. These actors will then take decisions based on this data and, sometimes seek to influence us at the level of the individual or even the collective.

While many see the demonstrable benefits to careful analysis of data (transportation, scientific research, business processes,...), others rightfully point to the risks tied to personal data in the context of state and commercial surveillance (loss of privacy and agency, information imbalance,...). Data privacy and accountability on data uses are key to preserve reciprocity and fairness between those using data (corporates, governments, academics) and data subjects (the population). Practices of companies are generally not accountable enough yet, and we aim to reduce a growing societal unease around the exploitation of personal data. We assist through technology, mentoring and networking individuals and civic actors in reducing information asymmetries related to personal information.